Cost Segregation for Real Estate Investors

 If you are a real estate investor, you can save thousands of dollars on your income taxes with Cost Segregation!

Reduce Your Tax Liability

Increase Your Cash Flow

Challenges for
Real Estate Investors

Do you own income properties or rentals and find you are paying too much in Federal Income Taxes? Do you need to increase your cash flow? Then you should consider Cost Segregation.

Cost Segregation will allow you to depreciate your building more rapidly to get tax deductions NOW rather than later. If you are making money and paying taxes, then you need tax deductions.

Most real estate investors are not taking advantage of this!  And most tax professionals do not use Cost Segregation because it’s not an accounting specialty. This is why we have partnered with a trusted provider to offer the Engineered-Based Cost Segregation method to our clients.


Paying too much in federal income taxes


Need to increase cash flow


recent pandemic causing cash flow issues

Why Cost Segregation and
how it may help

If you own income properties then use should consider Cost Segregation to reduce your tax liability and increase your cash flow.  Cost Segregation works for both existing properties as well as new construction. 

Cost Segregation creates a large income tax deduction today so that you get more money in your pocket.  Most real estate investors do not take advantage of Cost Segregation.  Most tax professionals do not recommend it because it’s not their specialty or because it costs too much to get the study done by most firms that do specialize in this area. 

We’ve got the solution you’ve been looking for and hoping to find.  With our service, the Cost Segregation study is very affordable and you get an estimate of the benefits Cost Segregation will provide to you for free.  It’s fast and easy to get started today.


Large income tax deduction


Obtain ownership of your property sooner


more cash in your pocket

The Process

To start, our provider will need to complete an analysis that takes about 6 weeks to complete. The analysis is FREE with no obligations. After the analysis is completed you will be provided with a quote along with the analysis that will show you your tax reduction opportunity.

Upon acceptance, we will work with our provider to get the tax benefits applied to your taxes.

With this method, we will re-classify components and improvements on your income properties or rentals. This works for either real or personal property.


Start your free, no obligation analysis


Review analysis and quote


We work with provider to apply tax benefits to your taxes

proven results

Our provider has completed over 20,000 studies in all 50 states for property owners of: hotels, office buildings, retail buildings, warehouses, self-storage facilities, and much more.

Most clients eliminate having to pay tax payments for 4 quarters or more! Our average, clients see a tax reduction of about $70,000 for every $1 Million dollars in building cost.


Common Misconceptions:

  • Cost Segregation studies are very expensive
  • Cost Segregation studies don’t identify much that can be segregated
  • You can only do a Cost Segregation study in the first year of ownership
  • You can only do Cost Segregation studies on newly constructed buildings where you have all the receipts
  • You have to amend prior year’s tax returns
  • You cannot do segregation studies on buildings less than $1,000,000

The fact is, Cost Segregation analysis studies are not any of those things mentioned above. 

Get started

All you need to get started is to provide your name, email, and phone number. From there, our provider will follow up with you for the next steps.

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