Key Birthdays

Birthday Milestones Present Special Tax and Investment Questions to Consider

by | May 6, 2021

Let’s make sure that all of us retire as well as we possibly can and make those “golden years” that much more enjoyable.  Certain milestones in our lives present special tax and investment opportunities to consider, so, we’re providing you with a handy “Birthdays” guide to help you to recognize them and to take action.

Also, to paraphrase a popular saying, friends don’t let friends retire badly.  Do you know someone celebrating any of these milestones?  If someone you know has a “key” birthday this year, forward this article and the reference card on to them.  We are always happy to talk you and your family or friends about these important birth dates: retirement planning, Social Security, 401(k)s, or other retirement, tax, asset protection and estate planning issues.


It’s a good life!

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