The 4 Essential Elements:

Retirement Planning

Our unique and proprietary systems and services will take you from where you are today to your Financial Independence Day so you can begin to live the life you really want.  Select any of the headings below to learn more about them now.

  • The 4×4 Financial Independence Plan sm
  • The Smart Social Security Benefits Maximizer/Retirement Healthcare Expense Estimator sm
  • The 401k Supercharger sm
  • The Home Equity Acceleration Plan – H.E.A.P.
  • College Planning
  • Consulting

Educational Articles

The material in this section is designed to help you both grow and maintain your Retirement Plan so you can Live more independent!

The Debt Snowball-Eliminating Bad Debt Forever!

Our unique and proprietary financial planning system, The 4x4 Financial Independence Plan sm is comprised of 4 essential elements and 4 sequential steps as follows: The 4 Essential Elements The 4 Sequential Steps The focus of this posted is on Step #2 of this process,...

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Establish Significant Liquid Cash Reserves

Establishing significant liquid cash reserves is the 3rd step of the 4x4 Financial Plan and, frankly, it could easily have been the 1st step as it is so critical to the success of your Financial Independence.  Why?  We need cash reserves for two reasons: When Things...

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Are Your CD’s Really Safe?

Certificates of deposit (CDs) are intended for the ultra-conservative investor. Why are they appealing to so many? They are touted as the “safe” investment option with essentially no risk as they are not tied to the stock market. However, how “safe” are they really...

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A Prioritized List Of Income Property Characteristics

When seeking to locate and acquire rental income property many people focus on the numbers; mostly considering the rents and the associated expenses.  Real estate, however, is a multi-dimensional product.  Beyond the income and expense are the bricks and mortar, as...

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