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Retirement Planning

Our unique and proprietary systems and services will take you from where you are today, to your Financial Independence Day, so you can begin to live the life you really want.  Select any of the headings below to learn more about them now.

  • The 4×4 Financial Independence Plan sm
  • The Smart Social Security Benefits Maximizer/Retirement Healthcare Expense Estimator sm
  • The 401k Supercharger sm
  • The Home Equity Acceleration Plan – H.E.A.P.
  • College Planning
  • Consulting

Educational Articles

The material in this section is designed to help you both grow and maintain your Retirement Plan so you can Live more independent!

Stimulus Checks Are On The Way

The IRS has started sending stimulus checks out. If you didn’t file taxes last year, head to this link to expedite your check: Read more at Newsweek You May Also Like...

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Hack-Proof Your Remote Office Setup

The Smart Asset ProtectionAs COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, many people find themselves working from home for the first time. While there are many things to get used to when adjusting to remote work, ensuring that your setup is secure should be a top...

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Key Financial Data 2020 With Revised Deadlines

2020 Key Financial Data  Updated to Reflect Tax Deadline Changes Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the IRS has made several changes to filing deadlines, RMD withdrawal requirements and more.  I have prepared a very handy reference card to reflect all these changes and...

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How To Access And Utilize The SBA COVID Cash Stimulus Funds

Presented by Lance Edwards and Randy Luebke April 8, 2020Welcome to the inaugural episode of the new joint series by real estate entrepreneur, Lance Edwards, & independent financial advisor, Randy Luebke, called Financial Independence - A Better Perspective. On...

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The Smart Tax Planning Newsletter March 2020

The Smart Tax Planning NewsletterEvery month we provide you with a fairly detailed review of several important Tax Topics. Scan through the highlighted topic noted below.  This Month's Edition Includes...   Beat the Unfair $10,000 SALT Cap with a C Corporation...

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The 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The Smart Tax Planning NewsletterAt 1097 pages, the new tax act is the most far-reaching and complex tax code passed by Congress since 1986. This article looks at ramifications in the areas of deductions, divorce, and estate plans. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) is...

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Spring 2020 Key Planning and Investment Deadlines

Key Planning & Investment DeadlinesSpring 2020 Every quarter, I like to send clients, family, and friends a reminder of all the key financial deadlines heading our way over the next three months. Of course, there is the April 15th tax deadline this quarter, but...

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The 2019 SECURE Act Webinar

Will It Impact Your Retirement? Learn What You Can Do About It Now In This Webinar You Will Learn About: The 3 New and Distinct Groups of Beneficiaries The Post-Death Distribution Rules for Stretch IRAs, 401(k)s and Other Retirement Accounts A New Category of...

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