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Your visual dashboard for the home that helps you achieve your financial goals. For homeowners, buyers, and renters. 

Track Your Home Wealth

Take control. Keep an eye on your home value, loans, equity, market trends & more. 

Save More Money

See the power of extra principal payments or refinancing at the right time. 

Build Wealth Faster

Know exactly when to buy, sell, rent, or remodel to maximize your investment. 

The Benefits of Homebot

Take control. Make better, smarter, safer choices.

Monthly Digests

Whether you are a homeowner, buyer, investor, or renter, get monthly digest reports based on your current home or search criteria.



Find out if your mortgage is available for a refi and see how much home interest you could save.

Home Value & Worth

Get educated on your current home: follow your estimated home value, know the net worth of your home, access mortgage module, and view loan balances. 

Calculate How To Save

Easily calculate how additional payments to your mortgage can save you over time. 

Market Trends

Visually track market trends, filter by popular markets, square footage, cheaper buys, and fastest moves. Get average property details for zip codes. 

Renting Potential

Utilize the Airbnb module to learn how much you could potentially earn by renting your home, and learn how much money and time you could save if you paid that money towards your principal. 

Explore the Visual Dashboard

Estimate Value and Worth

Discover your home’s estimated value, and your net worth for the home.

How To Save

Find out if you can refinance and how much you can save.

Track Your Mortgages

Review your current mortgage balances and terms. 

Market Research

Explore markets with the power of dynamic filtering options. 

Renter Research

Use the renter module to get estimated rates for a specific. 

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