Our Services

The 4×4 Financial Independence Plan ℠

  • Offers a unique and proprietary financial planning system like no other.
  • The plan develops strategies to address all areas of retirement; Income Planning, Asset Protection, Estate and Tax Planning.

The Financial Independence Toolkit sm

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Income Planning

  • We will take a deep-dive into your finances to show you everything you will need to know about planning for your retirement.
  • Receive a detailed “To Do List” to achieve “Financial Independence” so your assets provide the income you need to maintain your lifestyle.

The Smart Social Security Benefits Maximizer/Retirement Healthcare Expense Estimator ℠

  • These programs could have a profound impact on the potential Social Security income that you could receive over your lifetime.
  • A valuable source in helping you to recognize the likely costs of healthcare you could experience during your retirement.

The 401(k) Supercharger ℠

  • Helps you save on income taxes, receive substantial contributions from your employer and much more.
  • Help select what options to invest in through a variety of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, then choosing which investments are the right one for you is also a difficult decision to make.

The Mortgage Paydown Accelerator System / The Home Equity Acceleration Plan – H.E.A.P.

  • Would you like to pay off your mortgage ahead of schedule?
  • Would you like to do this WITHOUT having to change your spending habits and lifestyle?
  • Then you can achieve this with the Home Equity Acceleration Plan (H.E.A.P.)

College Planning

  • Help you attain the education you and your child needs and wants
  • How to obtain Financial Assistance regardless of your child’s scholastic or athletic abilities


  • Designed to help us understand your unique situation and for you to learn about us
  • Answer Questions about What We Do and How We Can Help You.

Beneficiary Reviews

  • 3-part Process
  • Discuss the benefits and problems
  • Modify and Refile your Beneficiary Designation Documents

Tax Planning

  • Income taxes are life’s single biggest expense!
  • For Consumers: We cover a broad range of strategies to help both you and your tax preparer to minimize the taxes you pay.
  • For Business: We cover many ways that a business owner can reduce their tax burden

Debt Plan/CreditKey Plus

  • Discuss ways to improve and protect your credit.
  • Create a detailed “Debt Elimination Plan” strategy.

Our Products

Low-Risk/Low-Volatility Managed Securities

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3rd Generation Annuities

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Life Insurance

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Asset-Based Long-term Care Insurance

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Income Producing Real Estate

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Other Unique Strategies and Services

401(k), Pensions and Profit Sharing Plans

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The 401(h)

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The Super(k)

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The Deferred Sales Trust

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Captive Insurance Companies

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