June 4, 2020 @ 6:30 PM Pacific Time

Presented by Randy Luebke

Which Statement Do You Believe To Be True?

Taxes in the future will be lower than they are today.

Taxes in the future will be higher than they are today.


The correct answer is that no one knows for certain. What we do know, and with absolute certainty, is that our Federal Government’s current debt level has never been higher and it continues to climb. We also know that Government does not create income, and its only source of revenue comes from collecting taxes.

If there were steps you could take to protect yourself and reduce the taxes you pay today and throughout your retirement, when would you like to learn about them? Again, the only correct answer is, now!


Topic: Saving Taxes In Retirement


In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Lowering Federal Income Taxes Today and Forever
  • Lowering Your Social Security Benefit Taxation
  • Lowering Your Medicare Premiums

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Questions that will be addressed:


Can I continue my present standard of living into my retirement years?

When could I retire without running out of money?

How can analyzing my Social Security benefit help my specific situation?

How could my situation change during challenging economic times?

How would it affect my family financially if I die prematurely?

How would it affect my family financially if I enter a nursing facility?

What are the possible solutions if my situation changes?

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