Doing Things In a Better, Smarter, Safer Way

That is exactly what we do, each and every day, for each and every one of our clients- helping them to make better, smarter, safer choices and financial decisions. Our clients’, like most clients, want safety, liquidity, security, growth and a guaranteed income during their retirement.

As a result we have developed a number of unique and proprietary systems to help business decision makers, self-employed business owners (especially doctors) as well as all homeowners and real estate investors to make better, smarter, safer choices and financial decisions about their retirement.

Here are Some of the Real Estate Integrated & Self Directed Services we Offer:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Asset Protection
  • Tax Planning
  • Social Security Planning
  • Real Estate Investing

  • Mortgages
  • Annuities
  • Life Insurance
  • Pensions
  • Assets under Management
  • Profit Sharing Plans