The Smart Mortgage Minimizer ˢᵐ

A better, smarter, safer way to monitor your mortgages and protect the equity in your home. Save money on interest and possibly reduce the taxes you pay. 

What You Get:


Initial consultation with a Fiduciary Advisor


$97 One-time enrollment fee per home or mortgage.


Every day we will track opportunities for your to save money on mortgage interest.


Monthly reports specific to your home and mortgage.


Monitor Your Mortgage with Real-Time Data.


Protect the equity in your home.


Find ways to payoff mortgage faster.


Learn about opportunities to build more equity with your home.

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“I have been doing this for over 30 years, and what I’ve found is that my best clients have one thing in common.  That is, every single day they struggle because they want more.  Not because they are greedy.  They just want more time and more money, to do more of the things they really enjoy.  They want to spend more time with the people they love and give more money to the causes they care about most.  They struggle because they want less stress and more fulfillment in their busy lives and, frankly, who doesn’t?

Essentially, I’m no different.  I’ve been an independent entrepreneur for most of my adult life and, over the years, I’ve been fortunate to have learned a lot through both my personal experiences and my training.  So now, I teach my clients how to do the things that have helped me to improve my life, so I can help them to improve theirs.”

 – Randy Luebke President, Lifetime Paradigm, Inc.