The Smart Mortgage Rate Minimizer

Benefits of The Smart Mortgage Rate Minimizer

Will track every mortgage, every day and notify you when opportunities to save money arise.

On a quarterly basis, The Smart Mortgage Rate Minimizerˢᵐ will regularly identify and report opportunities and comparisons to current mortgage rates and programs.

On an annual basis, The Smart Mortgage Rate Minimizerˢᵐ will review the client’s mortgages the details will be updated in our tracking system.  In addition, strategies for the upcoming year will be discussed and implemented if appropriate.

A Better, Smarter, Safer Way to monitor your mortgage rate and save money on the interest you pay. 

What Is Your Home Worth?


Homebot is a financial dashboard for the home that helps you achieve your financial goals. 

Get highly personalized and valuable information to empower you to make Better, Smarter, Safer choices, and financial decisions when it comes to owning real estate.