The 4 Essential Elements:

Tax Planning

Taxes are life’s single biggest expense. Yet, like most expenses, paying taxes is a choice that you make. This is the principle of “The Net” which states, “It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep that matters.” It’s not that you get to choose if you should or should not pay taxes.  It is, however, a matter of making Better, Smarter, Safer tax-efficient financial decisions.

Educational Articles

The material in this section is designed to help you both grow and maintain your Tax Plan so you can Live more independent!

The Cash-Balance Retirement Plan, A Tax Buster and A Retirement Booster

The Cash Balance Plan is a retirement plan designed to primarily benefit older and/or highly compensated business owners and highly valued employees.  Unlike a traditional 401k or IRA plans that limit one's tax-deferred contributions to relatively small amounts, the...

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Is Your Trust Paying Taxes At A Very High Rate? Want To Fix That Problem?

In a recent study, we found that nearly 75% of tax & financial advisors use trusts for “Legacy Planning” initiatives.  While trusts are an important tool for transferring wealth to future generations, tax rates for trust income are very high.  As of the date of...

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Bad Advisors-How To Detect Them and How To Avoid Them

Written by attorney, Roccy DeFrancesco J.D., CWPP, CAPP, CMP and the founder of The Wealth Preservation Institute, his book “Bad Advisors” will not only confirm your suspicions about your current and past financial advisors, it will also reaffirm why you should likely...

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