College is expensive and, luckily, there are many, many ways to save on the associated costs.  There are also a number of ways to save for college expenses and to fund them even if you are starting late in the game.  Below is a list of ideas to consider.

Ways To Save On The Costs of College

  • Consider Alternatives

  • Community College

  • College Credit From High School

  • Employer Support

  • Campus Work

Ways to Save For The Costs of College

  • Traditional 529 and 529 Prepaid Plans

  • Coverdale Savings Accounts

  • Education Savings Bonds

  • Life Insurance

  • Real Estate Educational Annuity

Below is a link where you can download a fairly complete matrix on ways to save for college.  Please select the link below to download your copy.  Also, please pass it along to others who could also benefit from the information as well.

Download: College Funding-Know The Rules


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