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Lifetime Paradigm is an intellectual property company that has developed a number of unique and proprietary systems and strategies to provide our clients with just one thing we all need in this world… certainty. It is our goal, our focus and our purpose to provide our clients with this certainty in a very uncertain world we live in.


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Planning Your Retirement – It’s Complicated and It’s Expensive

Most people underestimate how complicated developing and implementing solid plans for retirement can be.  Most people seriously underestimate the amount of money they will need in their, “retirement nest-egg,” when they plan their financial needs for 20 to 30 years or more.  Most people chase higher and higher rates of return with the investments they have now, to make up for both lost time and insufficient savings while generally ignorrandy-talling the risk associated with those kinds investments.  Many people choose to ignore the realities of their retirement situation and do little or nothing to make it better.  The bottom line is that most people could use some help with both planning and implementing their retirement.  We can help.

Real Estate- It’s Your Single Biggest Asset and Your Single Biggest Liability

In 1997 I was a co-owner of one of the largest mortgage origination companies in Orange County, California.  In that role I had the opportunity to literally see the financial details of thousands of our clients.  In the midst of closing nearly a billion dollars in mortgages that year I had an “ah ha” moment, one of those “BFO’s” (a.k.a., a blinding flash of the obvious).  What I realized was that most financial advisors manage only some of their clients’ assets, typically their stocks, bonds, mutual funds and maybe their commodities like gold and silver.  What I also realized was that if you own real estate, chances are that your real estate is your single biggest assetIf you have a mortgage, it is likely your single biggest liability and your single biggest ongoing monthly expense.  In fact, the cost of owning your home, a second home or investment property can easily consume a significant amount of your income, e.g., the mortgage, taxes, insurance, management and marketing fees.  Finally, what I realized was that if you asked most financial advisors for help in managing these very significant numbers they would be unable or unwilling to help you.  Why?  The reason they cannot or will not help you to manage your single biggest asset and your single biggest ongoing monthly expense is because it is likely they do not have the knowledge, the experience or the tools to help you.  Even if they did, they may actually be “prohibited” from doing so.  It’s true!  Many financial advisors would actually be jeopardizing their job if they even offered you help.  The result, you will likely get lip service, at best.  We feel that this is wrong and we believe that this is a mistake.

Wouldn’t it be Better, if you developed a plan to manage ALL YOUR ASSETS and just some of them?

Wouldn’t it be Smarter, to develop a plan to also manage your liabilities and their associated expenses, your income and your taxes, and then to incorporate all these strategies into one comprehensive financial plan?

Finally, what if you protect all of your assets from losses and have them provide you with an income you could never outlive?  Seriously, wouldn’t that be a Safer Way to plan for Your Retirement?  We agree!

That is exactly what we do, each and every day, for each and every one of our clients, helping them to make better, smarter, safer choices and financial decisions.  Our clients’, like most clients, want safety, liquidity, security, growth and a guaranteed income during their retirement.  As a result we have developed a number of unique and proprietary systems to help business decision makers, self-employed business owners (especially doctors) as well as all home owners and real estate investors to make better, smarter, safer choices and financial decisions about their retirement.