About Us

We are Registered Financial Consultants and Independent Fiduciary Advisors.  We work with successful business owners, real estate investors, late-stage pre-retirees, CPA’s and attorneys, and everybody in between.

We provide our clients and professionals with strategies to help them reach their financial goals. In addition, we provide clients with our unique and proprietary real estate-integrated and self-directed financial planning, consulting, and coaching services.

Our thorough and diverse knowledge base partnered with our real estate background, allows us to offer expert and unique financial advice that we often find many professionals don’t even know.


Why We Are Different

Your best interest is our top priority.

In his book “Unshakable”, Tony Robbins describes a unique and very small sub-set of financial advisors called Independent Fiduciary Advisors.  Tony writes that of the approximate 308,000 advisors in total, only 1% of them are Independent Fiduciary Advisors, and we at Lifetime Paradigm are proud to be one of them.

As Independent Fiduciary Advisors, we are legally required to always give advice that is in our client’s best interest.  Most people assume all advisors would do the same.  In truth, however, it really doesn’t work that way.  Instead, most advisors work for a broker-dealer and they are legally bound to put their employer’s best interest first, ahead of their clients.  Sometimes those interests align. Other times they don’t. The problem is you just don’t know.


Another potential problem with the broker-dealer model that sets Lifetime Paradigm apart, is their legal “standard” for advice, which is referred to as “suitability”. Suitability means that if the client can theoretically sustain an investment loss, then the broker-dealer’s advisor can recommend it, often resulting in a loss of funds. If the client can take the financial hit, then the broker-dealer’s representative can recommend it and if something goes wrong, the advisor cannot be sued.  This approach does not sound like the “client’s best interest” to us. In fact, it seems far from it. Again, 99% of all advisors work for a broker-dealer.  Lifetime Paradigm’s advisors do not.

As Registered Financial Consultants and Independent Fiduciary Advisors, it’s our top priority to make sure that you’re set up for success in a way that feels aligned with your values and true to your goals.


Incorporating real estate into our plans.

Another unique aspect that sets Lifetime Paradigm apart from almost all other advisories is our ability and expertise to provide advice on our client’s biggest assets; their businesses and/or their real estate investments.  We provide guidance with our client’s biggest expenses, their mortgage(s) and their taxes.  Most other advisors have little knowledge or experience in helping clients with these very important financial assets.  

In fact, most other advisors are prohibited from providing their clients with help in these critically important areas.  At Lifetime Paradigm, incorporating our clients’ businesses and real estate assets, as well as their liabilities, into their financial plans is central to our process. 

A Better, Smarter, Safer Way to achieve your goals.

When it comes to our client’s financial goals, at Lifetime Paradigm, we believe there is a Better, Smarter, Safer Way to plan for retirement, protect your assets, preserve your legacy, and minimize tax liabilities.

This is why developed The 4×4 Financial Independence Plan sm, our unique and proprietary system to help our clients reach financial independence. It consists of 4 essential elements and 4 sequential steps.


The 4 Essential Elements and 4 Sequential Steps

The 4 essential elements and 4 sequential steps are what set our approach apart from everyone else. Our approach of utilizing and combining these elements and steps allows our clients to reach their financial goals and achieve financial independence, and, at any age.  

The 4 essential elements include: retirement planning “Income Planning”, asset protection, estate planning “legacy preservation”, and tax planning “tax minimization”.  The 4 essential steps include: 1) optimize what you have, 2) eliminate debt, 3) establish significant liquid cash reserves, and 4) invest for long-term goals.


Finacial Independence

We help our clients achieve Financial Independence.  When the assets you have provide the income you need to live the life you want and, your work is no longer a requirement, it’s an option.  

We believe with proper planning, this is achievable at any age.


Consulting & Coaching or Self-Directed

Through consulting and coaching within our services, we teach our clients how to reach their financial goals. Those who desire to take control of their own financial future can use our self-directed approach. This approach gives clients the opportunity to focus on what needs to get done and when to make it happen. 

Best of all, if at any time a client feels the need for additional coaching or consulting, they can schedule a meeting with one of our Fiduciary Advisors.

Process Overview


First – We believe our clients’ best interests should always come first. We accomplish this by always serving as an Independent Fiduciary Advisor, with no broker-dealer and no conflicts.


Second – We help our clients manage all their assets, including their real estate and their businesses, along with their stocks, bonds, and mutual funds*. We also help manage our client’s liabilities, income, expenses, and of course, their taxes.

* Lifetime Paradigm does not provide securities investment advice. Refer to our full discloser for details. 


Finally – We consult, coach, and mentor and provide complete financial oversight over every aspect of our clients’ finances. We accomplish this by helping our clients form a team of financial professionals with experts in their respective disciplines. We are the experts in investment and finance, and we collaborate with attorneys and CPA’s to provide additional expertise in the areas of asset protection, estate and tax planning.

Team Members

Randall A Luebke
President, Lifetime Paradigm, Inc., RFC, RMA, CWPP, CMP
Financial Consultant, Fiduciary Advisor, Coach

[email protected]

“I have been doing this for over 30 years, and what I’ve found is that my best clients have one thing in common.  That is, every single day they struggle because they want more.  Not because they are greedy.  They just want more time and more money, to do more of the things they really enjoy.  They want to spend more time with the people they love and give more money to the causes they care about most.  They struggle because they want less stress and more fulfillment in their busy lives and, frankly, who doesn’t?

Essentially, I’m no different.  I’ve been an independent entrepreneur for most of my adult life and, over the years, I’ve been fortunate to have learned a lot through both my personal experiences and my training.  So now, I teach my clients how to do the things that have helped me to improve my life, so I can help them to improve theirs.”

 – Randy Luebke
President, Lifetime Paradigm, Inc.

Phil Ingle
Production Partner, Lifetime Paradigm, Inc.
Financial Advisor,
Investment Advisor Representative, Registered Financial Consultant

[email protected]

Phil leads a team who are dedicated to helping you identify and reach your Retirement Secure Strategic Goals.

Since 1993, Phil has been providing Financial, Retirement, Insurance and Estate Planning Solutions throughout Southern California.

As a frequent public speaker and past host of the “Ensure Your Retirement” Radio Show, he takes a proactive approach to educating his listeners and clients about the most up-to-date financial and retirement strategies that are available today for pre and post-retirees. 

Len Bakker
Lifetime Paradigm, Inc.
Financial Consultant,
Financial Advisor, Coach

[email protected]

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