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Why We Do What We Do

After more than three decades of experience in the mortgage industry, Randy Luebke was surprised to discover that no one was helping consumers manage some of the most significant financial elements that effect their wealth, mortgage expenses and taxes. Taxes along with mortgage expenses are likely going to be the two biggest financial expenses that one will face during their lifetime. Therefore, they are the most significant financial elements that will affect someone’s wealth. 

Over and over again people feel they are paying too much in taxes and mortgage interest, and they are right! That is why we have made it our mission to help empower clients in minimizing these expenses. With our extensive expertise and strategic planning strategies, we help our clients gain the financial freedom they rightfully deserve.  

Additionally, we believe the client’s best interest should ALWAYS be the top priority. Most people assume financial advisors operate under the same principle. The reality is quite different. The majority of advisors are employed by broker-dealers, and their primary duty is to prioritize the interests of the employers over their client’s. There are times when interests align, and there are times when they do not. The problem lies in the uncertainty that surrounds this misalignment.

Furthermore, broker-dealers “standard” for advisor is referred to as “suitability”. Suitability implies that if a client can hypothetically endure a potential investment loss, a broker-dealer’s advisor can recommend it, even if it results in a financial loss of funds. If the client can bear the financial consequences, then the broker-dealer’s representative is authorized to make the recommendation, absolving themselves of any liability in case of adverse outcomes. This approach, in our view, does not align with the notion of acting in the “client’s best interest.” In fact, it seems quite far from it. 

In his renowned book “Unshakeable,” Tony Robbins sheds light on a distinctive and exclusive group of financial advisors known as Independent Fiduciary Advisors. According to Robbins, out of the approximately 308,000 advisors in existence, a mere 1% fall under the category of Independent Fiduciary Advisors. We take immense pride in being part of this esteemed group here at Lifetime Paradigm. It is our utmost priority to ensure our client’s financial well-being is established in a manner that resonates with their values and aligns with their aspirations. As Independent Fiduciary Advisors, we are committed to our client’s success and helping them reach their goals.


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