The Smart Legacy Plan Organzier ℠

Improve or organize your current estate plan or create a new one.


The Smart Legacy Plan Organizer ˢᵐ is our unique and proprietary service crafted to assist you in establishing a comprehensive or refining your existing one. We will work with you to design a will, trust, and an advanced health care directive that suits your needs.

The Smart Legacy Plan Organizer ℠ goes beyond mere documentation; it actively prepares your heirs through ongoing family meetings. These gatherings serve to empower them with the knowledge and insights necessary to make informed decisions regarding their inheritance when the time arises.

Furthermore, our service aids in implementing a generational plan by providing all involved parties with essential information, such as the location of vital documents and contacts for advisors. This facilitates the seamless execution of your estate plan strategies, ensuring a smoother transition for your legacy.

Why It’s Important to Have an Estate Plan

If you don’t have an individual estate plan, the government has one for you, and you probably won’t like it. Government-imposed estate plans can be costly, incurring both legal fees and court costs, and they can delay the transfer of assets to one’s estate. 

Decisions about who gets what and when are best made when not under stress or during times of high emotion and/or anxiety; as would likely occur when one passes or has experienced a serious health incident leaving them unable to make decisions of their own. 

Decisions made as to who gets what, if made by the “giver”, can help to mitigate often serious and detrimental family disputes over those assets. 

The Goal

The goal of The Smart Legacy Plan Organizer ˢᵐ is to execute a comprehensive estate planning strategy that ensures smooth transition for your legacy.

What You Get:


Independent Fiduciary Advisor

Work with one of Lifetime Paradigm’s Independent Fiduciary Advisors.


A Tailored Comprehensive Estate Plan

Establish an estate plan or refine an existing estate plan, including a will, trust, and advanced health care directive.


Empowered Beneficiaries

Keep heirs informed with family meetings as well as knowledge and insights necessary for them to make informed decisions regarding their inheritance when the time arises.


Generational Planning

Ensure a smooth transition of your legacy.


Enroll now to get started with The Smart Financial Independence Blueprint ˢᵐ. Discover a better, smarter, safer way to plan for retirement.

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