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Below you will find a list of articles, videos, and audio podcasts. They are listed in chronological order. Use the search box on the top of this page to find information on specific topics.

Roth Conversions-A Tax-Effficient Approach

Tax-Efficient Retirement Workshop The Benefits of Partial Roth Conversions   November 7, 2019 Most everyone knows that they can convert a traditional retirement plan into a tax-free Roth. Meaning, a 401(k), IRA, SEP, SIMPLE or other tax-deferred retirement plan...

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Tax Reform Guide – The Tax, Jobs & Cuts Act (TJCA) 2019

The 2018 Tax Reform bill, referred to as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), is the most comprehensive tax reform bill to pass Congress in decades.  While understanding everything that changed with this bill is completely unnecessary, understanding what changes will...

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The Smart Tax Planning Newsletter – October 2019

The Smart Tax Planning - October 2019   Below is a fairly detailed review of several important Tax Topics. I will provide you with a similar synopsis each month. I realize that not all of this information will be important to everyone. Therefore, to make the best...

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An Overview of Asset Transfer Strategies

Whenever we acquire assets, we take title to them in many ways.  Most time, we really don't give this much thought.  We just think of them as "ours".  Sometimes, with larger assets especially, we do give consideration at to how we want to title (take ownership) those...

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The Debt Snowball-Eliminating Bad Debt Forever!

Our unique and proprietary financial planning system, The 4x4 Financial Independence Plan sm is comprised of 4 essential elements and 4 sequential steps as follows: The 4 Essential Elements The 4 Sequential Steps The focus of this posted is on Step #2 of this process,...

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Establish Significant Liquid Cash Reserves

Establishing significant liquid cash reserves is the 3rd step of the 4x4 Financial Plan and, frankly, it could easily have been the 1st step as it is so critical to the success of your Financial Independence.  Why?  We need cash reserves for two reasons: When Things...

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Are Your CD’s Really Safe?

Certificates of deposit (CDs) are intended for the ultra-conservative investor. Why are they appealing to so many? They are touted as the “safe” investment option with essentially no risk as they are not tied to the stock market. However, how “safe” are they really...

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How To Materially Participate in Real Estate

The qualifications for Real Estate Professional are fairly complex.  The benefits of becoming qualified as a Real Estate Professional, however, are generally well worth the effort. One of the qualifications of a Real Estate Professional is based on the "Material...

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