The Smart Tax Minimizer 

(for Consumer and Home-Based Businesses)

Create a tax reduction plan and pay less in taxes. 


Analyze your personal tax situation and get recommendations.


Specific tax strategies and guideance. 

The Process

Income taxes are life’s single biggest expense! While there are many ways that everyone can reduce their tax burden, please don’t expect your tax preparer to provide you with all the guidance you need in this area. They are likely experts in preparing your taxes properly and correctly, and in following all of the IRS requirements. In general, however, they are reporting what has already occurred in the past and unable to provide you with the planning you need to help you to reduce the taxes you will pay in the future.

During this 1-hour review, we will cover a broad range of strategies to help both you and your tax preparer to minimize the taxes you pay. Your tax preparer will welcome the information and organization this service will provide you.

Prior to this review, you must complete a number of Fact-Finders and provide us with several documents to develop your plan. If you have not already received and completed your “To Do List”, you may still schedule this meeting now. However, we must receive that information at least 5 business days prior to our discussion. If we do not receive it in time, then we will reschedule your meeting.



With The Smart Tax Minimizer ˢᵐ (for Consumer and Home-Based Businesses), we will help analyze your personal tax situation and then specific recommendations to improve it.


While Lifetime Paradigm does not file tax returns, nor give specific tax advice, by using The Smart Tax Minimizer ˢᵐ, our advisors will give you specific tax strategies and guidance. Then, we will work with your tax preparer or CPA to help you implement these strategies.


If your own a small business (or you would like to), The Smart Tax Minimizer will also provide you with extensive guidance. Again, working with a tax preparer or CPA, we will almost certainly reduce the taxes you pay.


Enroll now to get started with The Smart Tax Minimizer ˢᵐ (for Consumer and Home-Based Businesses). Discover a better, smarter, safer way to create a tax deduction plan and pay less in taxes. 

What You Get:


Initial 1-hour Consultation with a Fiduciary Advisor


Analyze your personal tax situation and receive recommendations to improve it


Our advisors will work with your tax preparer or CPA to help you implement specific tax strategies

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