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We focus on helping successful business owners, real estate investors, and late-stage pre-retirees with their retirement plans, asset protection, estate planning, and tax planning.  However, regardless of who you are or what you do, we can help.  We can make a difference in your life and we encourage you to explore this opportunity. 

Our unique and proprietary financial planning strategies will take you from wherever you are today, to your “Financial Independence” tomorrow.  Select any of the headings below to learn more about our services and begin to live the life you really want.  Start here.  Start today.  Start now!

The 4×4 Financial Independence Plan 

4 Essential Elements x 4 Sequential Steps

Our unique and proprietary master plan, real estate-integrated and self-directed financial planning, consulting and coaching system. 

The Smart 401(k) Supercharger ℠

Optimize the employee benefits you are entitled to receive. 

The Smart Investment Property Evaluator ℠

Know your numbers and make better choice and decisions with investment properties. 

The Smart Mortgage Paydown Accelerator ℠

Save on your mortgage interest expense and pay off your mortgage faster. 

The Smart Mortgage Rate Minimizer ℠

Monitor your mortgage rate, save money on the interest you pay, and build wealth with your home.

The Smart Debt Eliminator/Credit Builder System ℠

Eliminate your bad debt quickly, and improve and protect your credit as well.

The Smart Social Security Benefits Maximizer/Retirement Healthcare Expense Estimator ℠

Maximize the Social Security benefits you receive, and implement a way to pay for the costs of your healthcare during retirement. 

The Smart Financial Independence Blueprint ℠

Plan for your retirement. 

The Smart Asset Protection Planner ℠

Protect all your assets and income. 

The Smart 3-Tiered Cash-Reserve System ℠

Establish significant, liquid cash-reserves. 

The Smart College Cost Eliminator ℠

Fund your child’s college education. 

The Smart Caregiver’s Planner & Tax Guide System ℠

Help those you love financially.

The Smart Estate Plan Protector ℠

Ensure that your estate plan works as planned without using a trust. 

The Smart Legacy Plan Organizer ℠

Improve and organize your current estate plan or create a new one. 

The Smart Tax Minimizer ℠ (For Consumer and Home-Based Businesses)

Create a reduction plan and pay less in taxes.

The Smart Tax Planning System for Business Owners ℠

Minimize the taxes your business pays. 

Consulting, Coaching,
and Comprehensive Oversight

We offer, consulting, coaching, and comprehensive financial oversight. Learn more about how we can help. Contact us to schedule an appointment with an Independent Fiduciary Advisor. 

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Charitable Trusts & Annuities


Cost Segregation


Deferred Sales Trusts


Delaware Statutory Trusts


In-Service Alternative Rollovers






Insurance-Long Term Care


Micro-Captive Insurance Companies






Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts


No-Load Annuities




Real Estate Rentals (Direct)


Real Estate Rentals (Partnerships & Syndications)


Research & Development Tax Credits (R&D, etc.)


Retirement Plans - Pension & Profit Sharing Plans - The Super(k)


Retirement Plans (Self-Directed) IRA's, 401(k)'s, SEP's, SIMPLE's, Roth's


Securities (Provided via Lifetime Financial)

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