The Business Owner’s Guide to Financial Freedom:
What Wall Street Isn’t Telling You

The Difference Between Wall Street and Main Street

This book is for business owners, or the more appropriate name: Entrepreneur. We are a different breed. We think differently. We dream differently… and of course, we operate differently.This couldn’t be truer than when it comes to building and protecting our finances. Our lives revolve around our business. Our income and our future, even if you want to call it retirement, revolves around our business.

The Six Sections of My Book

  1. Perspective
  2. A Better, Smarter, Safer Way
  3. Real Diversification
  4. Exit Strategies for Your Business
  5. A Fresh Look at Asset Protection
  6. The “Master Plan”

What people are saying…

As a financial advisor, I have shared his tips and strategies with clients and how it integrates with a comprehensive financial plan. I am grateful for his boots on the ground approach and his professorial method on how he teaches complex concepts fo…
Joel Sylvain

Sports and Entertainment Partners

Mark Kohler is AMAZING! He makes the boring business of taxes and legal strategies fun to learn. I always learn so many great tips from his podcasts, classes, and books. I am very grateful to have someone with such vast knowledge to help lead me through the complicated world of contracts and law and government forms. He is the most important person to have my team to creating financial freedom.
Shelley Sims

Thrive, Inc

Mark’s legal and tax expertise gave me the knowledge to help me launch my real estate business with confidence! This book is for entrepreneurs who want to be successful
Farah Pierre


My life and business will forever be changed for the better because of Mark Kohler. I have read all of his books and they contain pure gold when it comes to really understanding the way business, taxes, and asset protection works
Kyle Parks

Owner, Sound Harbor Enterprises, LLC