The Smart Mortgage Paydown Accelerator ℠

Payoff your mortgage faster without changing your spending habits! And save thousands of dollars on mortgage interest expenses.

Pay Off Quicker

Use the bank’s money to pay off your mortgage years ahead of schedule.


Save thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest expense.


Use a proprietary software or app to create your plan. 


Most people want to pay off their mortgage as quickly as possible because they don’t want to incur the interest expense of long-term debt. Or, they just don’t like having the debt hanging over them, especially when going into retirement.

Many people do not want to refinance into a short-term loan because they do not want to incur the expense or experience the hassle of refinancing. In addition, sometimes they may not qualify for a new loan based on their income or due to insufficient equity in the property.

Or perhaps they already have a low mortgage rate, and they do not want to give it up.

The Smart Mortgage Paydown Accelerator ˢᵐ makes use of every available dollar every day to reduce the cost of mortgage interest, converting no/low interest earning bank accounts into money-saving, accelerated mortgage reduction tools.

The Smart Mortgage Paydown Accelerator ˢᵐ will accelerate mortgage principal reduction without any of the issues associated with refinancing.

With The Smart Mortgage Paydown Accelerator ˢᵐ you will gain access to our proprietary software or app (on the device of your choice) to keep track of your specialized reports and more. Available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phones.

The Smart Mortgage Paydown Accelerator ˢᵐ includes an educational resource book designed to accompany this special plan and provide all necessary details to implement the strategy.

Similar programs are sometimes sell for more than $4,000!

With The Smart Mortgage Paydown Accelerator ˢᵐ, you can create a plan for your future, NOW!

The Process

The Smart Mortgage Paydown Accelerator ˢᵐ is a combination of personalized coaching and Home Equity Acceleration Program (H.E.A.P.)

H.E.A.P. stands for Home Equity Acceleration Program. It is a dynamic new financial plan that enables you to pay off your home mortgage early without changing your normal spending habits. There is no downside and no risk.  It can help you pay off your mortgage 5, 10, or even 15 years early!

First, to help get you started with The Smart Mortgage Paydown Accelerator ˢᵐ program, you will begin with an initial 30-minute consultation with a Certified H.E.A.P. Advisor. The Advisor will discuss the program with you to determine how to make best use of the service. 

Next, with The Smart Mortgage Paydown Accelerator ˢᵐ, you will be given access to the H.E.A.P., where you will build out your H.E.A.P. plan. You will be provided with training on how to use the H.E.A.P. software and you will receive a copy of the H.E.A.P. e-book.

You will then have a follow-up coaching call with your Advisor. And finally, we will assist you in setting up a HELOC.

Use the Bank’s Money

Use the bank’s money to make use of every dollar, every day. 

What You Get:


Personal Consultations with Certified Fiduciary Advisor.


Make use of every dollar to payoff your mortgage faster, WITHOUT changing your spending habits.


Access to a proprietary software and app.


Two e-Books.


Optional implementation for additional coaching is available. Contact us for more information.

Let’s Get Moving!

Enroll Today

Enroll now to get started with The Smart Mortgage Paydown Accelerator ˢᵐ.  Discover a better, smarter, safer way to pay down your mortgage faster!

Optional implementation for additional coaching is available. Contact us for more information.

Is The Smart Mortgage Paydown
Accelerator ˢᵐ system right for you?

Contact us to schedule a complimentary 15-minute interview. This initial interview will help us understand your unique situation and, for you to learn about us; to ask questions about what we do and how we can help you. Then, we can mutually assess your needs and our capabilities to see if there is a good fit!

What Is Your Home Worth?

To learn more about your home net worth, check out The Smart Mortgage Minimizer ˢᵐ which uses AI intelligence to track your home value and protect the equity in your home while helping you achieve financial goals and grow your net worth. 

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