The Smart Social Security Benefits Maximizer/Retirement Healthcare Expense Estimator ℠

Maximize the social security benefits you receive and implement a better, smarter, safer way to pay for the costs of your healthcare during retirement. 

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The difference between a good decision and a poor one is often surprising. Let us help you make the best decision.



What if I live longer than average?


What if my spouse lives longer than average?


What if we both live longer than average?


The Smart Social Security Benefits Maximizer/Retirement Healthcare Expense Estimator ˢᵐ programs could have a profound impact on the potential Social Security income that you could receive over your lifetime.

Our analyses will provide you with detailed and specific instructions that will assist you in implementing the optimal Social Security claiming strategies that could maximize your potential Social Security benefits over your lifetime.

With so many potential Social Security claiming strategies from which to choose, it is virtually impossible to make an informed decision without the assistance of a detailed analysis like The Smart Social Security Benefits Maximizer/Retirement Healthcare Expense Estimator ˢᵐ. This report has analyzed all the contributions you have made and/or will continue to make into Social Security during your working years. Then, adjusting for inflation and your estimated life expectancy, the optimal claiming strategy is calculated for you.

The good news is that we are living longer. The bad news is that living longer is expensive due to the ever-increasing costs of healthcare. While the total cost of healthcare can be shocking, the fact is that knowing this today will allow you to make some simple changes to your retirement planning to ensure that you will have the money you need if and when you need it to address these costs. The Smart Social Security Benefits Maximizer/Retirement Healthcare Expense Estimator ˢᵐ is equally valuable in helping you to recognize the likely costs of healthcare you could experience during your retirement.


DId you know…


Every year, 73.7% of seniors make massive mistakes on their Social Security claims, leaving on average $9,201 UNCLAIMED because they don’t understand the rules and the most effective claiming strategies available.


Social Security employees cannot give advice on how to increase monthly benefits.


There are literally hundreds of choices and options available to you when you apply for your Social Security benefits.


The choices and decisions you make when applying for your Social Security benefits are generally permanent and cannot be changed or undone.


Making the optimal choices when applying for Social Security benefits can increase the amount of money you could receive over your lifetime by hundreds of thousands of dollars?

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Initial consultation with Fiduciary Advisor


Provide you with detailed analysis of Social Security benefit options that may be available to you


Help making informed decisions as to the optimal claiming strategy, which is more complicated for married persons


Estimate out-of-pocket costs of healthcare over retirement and advise on strategies


Will continue to review decisions and strategies implemented and advise on adjustments needed based on changes, such as changes to the law, taxes, and your health and family situation

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