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A mortgage loan is more than just a debt; it’s a powerful financial tool. When used properly, it has the potential to increase your wealth, protect the equity in your home, and reduce your tax liabilities. However, when used improperly, it can lead to financial setbacks.

Every Day

Never let a chance to trim your mortgage interest costs slip away again. Our daily monitoring keeps tabs on your mortgages, ensuring you receive timely notifications whenever there are opportunities to save money.

Every Month

To take advantage of opportunities that arise in your local real estate market, every month we provide you with tailored and localized insights about your home(s), your real estate market, and your mortgage with detailed updates.


A mortgage is a financial tool that needs to be handled with respect and care. When used properly, mortgage debt can enhance your wealth accumulation and protect your assets from potential creditors. That’s why we created The Smart Mortgage Minimizer ˢᵐ.

Our system harnesses the power of AI to gather a wealth of real estate data from diverse sources. Our system diligently monitors, updates, and consolidates this information into a comprehensive “Digest” that is emailed to you once a month.

This Digest offers an up-to-date estimate of your property’s current value, as well as its value over the past 24 months. It furnishes insights into your local real estate market dynamics, providing you with invaluable local intelligence such as comparable home sales and estimated home equity.

Moreover, our AI system integrates mortgage data, enabling you to accurately track your mortgages. It presents mortgage options in real-time, drawing rates directly from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, allowing you to assess the impact of different mortgage terms on your financial situation.

In summary, The Smart Mortgage Minimizer ˢᵐ empowers you with the tools and insights necessary to optimize your mortgage and real estate decisions, ultimately helping you achieve your financial goals with confidence.

What You Get:


Independent Fiduciary Advisor


Monthly reports specific to your home and mortgage.


Track opportunities for your to save money on mortgage interest.


Monitor Your Mortgage with Real-Time Data.


Protect the equity in your home.


Find ways to payoff mortgage faster.


Learn about opportunities to build more equity with your home.


$97 One-time enrollment fee per home or mortgage.

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