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The Financial Independence Toolkit sm contains educational material from industry experts as well as unique and proprietary analysis tools, all designed to help you with your retirement, your assets, your estate and income tax planning. Take advantage of this FREE educational offer and start making Better, Smarter, Safer choices and financial decisions today!

What is The Financial Independence Toolkit SM and Why is It Important? 

The Financial Independence Toolkit sm is a combination of strategies, financial guides, educational videos and articles, and interactive training, to help you to: become financially organized, eliminate your debt, educate you on money, finance, and investments, and more.

The Financial Independence Toolkit sm will provide you with a foundation of valuable tools and strategies to help you implement a financial independence plan.

To help our clients reach financial independence, we developed a propriety system, called The 4×4 Financial Independence Plan sm. The 4×4 Financial Independence Plan sm is our cornerstone, premiere, and comprehensive financial planning system which includes 4 elements x 4 sequential steps.

4 Elements – Retirement Planning, Asset Protection, Estate Planning and Tax Planning.

4 Steps – Optimize what you have, Eliminate Debt, Establish significant liquid cash reserves, and Invest for long-term goals and plans.

The Toolkit incorporates these elements and steps so you can start to start your financial independence plan.

The 3-Step Path to Financial Freedom

Financial Independence, Budget Maker, Debt Buster, and a 3-Tiered Cash Reserve Builder.

Budgeting is difficult but essential.  Our simple method creates a budget that works with very little effort. Then, we eliminate all your debts and create a substantial, liquid, cash reserve fund.

Financial Analysis

9 To Know

With just 9 questions, you can look at your financial future and start your financial independence plan today. This analysis can help determine if you are on track for a successful retirement or if you may come up short. 

Financial Literacy Course (NEW!)

We are excited to introduce the Financial Literacy Course to our FIT program!

Being financially literate requires that you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to spend money wisely. Understanding how to spend money wisely will empower you to make smart financial decisions for your situation.

Special Bonus

A Personal Review

As a bonus for completing all the steps in this Toolkit, we are offering a free 20-minute personalized interview with our team to discuss ideas designed exactly for your needs, wants, and what steps to take next. This review will help you create the path you want to achieve for your true financial independence.

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