Helping my clients to plan for their retirement (or Financial Independence as I prefer to call it) is complicated.  No one knows what the future will hold, however, funding your lifestyle almost always takes more money than one thinks.  In fact one of my favorite authors, Carl Richards, says that a traditional financial plan simply makes a bunch of assumptions and then wants you to wait a long time to see if they were correct.  The biggest problem with that model is, of course, what if you were wrong?

Providing our clients with “certainty” is our number one goal.  I cannot predict one’s longevity, however, the one thing I can and do want to ensure is that you will never run out of money during your lifetime.  While there are a number of unique and proprietary tools and strategies I use to accomplish that goal, one basic tool is an annuity.

Below is a link to a study done by Genworth Financial called “Seeing The Future”.  It is a quick read yet very insightful.  Please click on the link below to download a copy and forward this post on to all of you family, friends and associates so they can download it as well.

Download: Seeing the Future

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