The Smart
Cash-Reserve System ˢᵐ

Establish significant, liquid cash reserves, while earning a reasonable rate of return, all tax-free!


The adage “Cash is King” is valid today it will be a millenium from now.

Everyone needs cash for two reasons: 1) when things go wrong, and 2) when opportunities present themselves.

Cash reserves need to be much greater than 1-2 month’s expenses sitting in a savings or checking account. To be truly helpful, reserves need to be 6-9 to as much as 12 months worth of expenses.

Cash reserves need to be both safe and liquid. And generally, investments that are both safe and liquid pay little to no interest. No one wants a significant amount of money earning no interest. That is why we have created The Smart 3-Tiered Cash-Reserve System ˢᵐ.

The Smart 3-Tiered Cash-Reserve System ˢᵐ creates a simple and effective way to accumulate a significant amount of cash reserves that, while both safe & liquid, can earn a reasonable rate of return, all tax-free. 

The Smart 3-Tiered Cash-Reserve System ˢᵐ will provide you with the cash to take advantage of opportunities when they come your way.  In fact, with significant cash reserves on hand, you will likely have opportunities presented to you over and over again due to the phenomena of RAS (Reticular Activating System).

The Smart 3-Tiered Cash-Reserve System ˢᵐ will provide you with the cash you need when things go wrong, helping you to weather most any financial storm.

The Smart 3-Tiered Cash-Reserve System ˢᵐ will, indirectly, help you to create a simple budgeting process.  We call it “Budgeting for Dummies”, a budget process that is easy to implement and just as easy to stick with over time, which is essential in growing your wealth and achieving your financial independence.


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