The Smart 401(k) Supercharger ˢᵐ

Optimize the employee benefits you receive. 


Free up retirement savings for investments. 


Get help understanding your employer’s plan offerings, and optimize your decision making.

Works for All

Works with all companies and retirement plans, including companies with no retirement plans or benefits. 


The typical employee benefit plan is potentially rich in opportunity. You can save money on income taxes, receive substantial contributions from your employer, and much more.

The problem is, not only understanding which benefits you should choose, but there is also the decision as to which benefits you want, need, and how much you should contribute towards them.

If you have options to invest in a variety of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, then choosing which investments are right for you is also a difficult decision to make.

The Smart 401(k) Supercharger ˢᵐ addresses all these opportunities and issues. During a 30-minute phone interview, we will discuss details about your specific situation and develop a plan to help you take the best advantage of all of them.


With The Smart 401(k) Supercharger ˢᵐ we will help you find ways to free up retirement savings so you can use those savings for investments outside your company-sponsored plan. Additionally, you will have the freedom to choose investments that can be much safer and yield higher returns. 

The Smart 401(k) Supercharger ˢᵐ will help you to better understand your company’s plan offerings. And, you will be able to optimize the decisions you make to implement optimal plan choices. 

The Smart 401(k) Supercharger ˢᵐ we will take a deep-dive and review all your company-sponsored employee benefits. 

The Smart 401(k) Supercharger ˢᵐ works will all companies and various types of retirement plans. The Smart 401(k) Supercharger ˢᵐ even works for companies that do not offer retirement plans or other benefit programs. 

The Smart 401(k) Supercharger ˢᵐ will help you find better ways to manage the money you make from your job. 

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What You Get:


Initial 30-Minute personalized consultation with our team to map your specialized plan


Guidance understanding your employer's plan offerings


Optimize your employee benefits


Find ways to free up retirement savings and invest outside your company sponsored plan

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A Better, Smarter, Safer Way to optimize the employee benefits you are entitled to receive.