The Smart Estate Plan Protector ˢᵐ

Ensure your estate plan works as planned, without using a trust. 

Beneficiary documents

Create a set of verified beneficiary documents

Get organized

Create an Organized Document to Assist You and Your Heirs

Estate Plan

Like a Mini-Estate Plan

Passing Assets

Ensure Assets Pass Quickly and Easily

The Process


The Smart Estate Plan Protectorˢᵐ is a step in a 3-part process. Initially, we will discuss the benefits of this review as well as the problems that can occur if your beneficiaries are not properly documented.

Then, we will work with you to review all of your financial assets that may or should have beneficiaries assigned to them, allowing these assets to pass on to your heirs quickly and easily, as well as avoiding probate court and eliminating costly attorney’s fees.

Finally, we will help you to modify and refile your beneficiary designation documents as needed, to ensure that your assets are passed on to your estate in the manner you want.



Avoid unnecessary attorney fees and court costs by avoiding probate


Ensure your assets will pass quickly and easily onto the persons and charities you want


Like a Mini-Estate Plan and, in many ways, better than a well & trust (This process is no substitute for a well-planned trust strategy)


Create an organized document that will assist you and your heirs in locating your assets and contacting the right persons to transfer them


Create a set of verified beneficiary documents

Get Started

Enroll now to get started with The Smart Estate Plan Protector ˢᵐ.  Discover a better, smarter, safer way to ensure your estate plan works as planned without using a trust.

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