The Smart College Cost Eliminator

A turn-key college planning system that will help you:
Protect your retirement assets from depletion in funding your child’s expenses
Minimize your costs associated with your child obtaining a college degree
Guide you and your child through a 4-year in-depth process of preparing for college, choosing a college, and a career

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Benefits of The Smart College Cost Eliminator

Provides both parents and students with tools and professional, comprehensive, organized, self-guided help to make the best choices in obtaining a college degree, and in the most cost-effective way.
Will help identify the net cost of obtaining a college degree, after receiving financial aid benefits, as well as determining if the process is likely a 4, 5 or 6-year term to complete.
Will help your student prepare for college all the way through high school, with detailed action plans and check lists to guide them through the process.
Will help both student and parents identify the potential career paths, identify costs associated with completing the necessary education, and then compare those costs to the likely earnings.
Was developed by an expert in college and career planning with a Doctorate specializing in higher education.
Provides tutorials, guides, checklists, calculators, forms, literally everything you need to plan for college, choose a college a career, and obtain a degree while minimizing your expenses.


Are these your concerns?
The cost of college continues to rise every year at a rate higher that is higher than inflation.
The college admissions process is complicated and varies greatly from school to school.  It is both time consuming and expensive.
Choosing the right college is complicated, not only does it need to be affordable, but your child also needs to be accepted.
Choosing a college is often an emotional topic, often leaving logic and rational choices and decisions off the table.
There are over 1400 colleges within the United States from which to choose.
College expenses are more than the cost of tuition and books; room and board, transportation, and extra-curricular activities all contribute to the overall costs.
Most often, the costs for college are paid with after-tax savings.  This hides the real costs.
Applying for financial aid is often complicated.
Many families will find that their earnings and/or their assets will disqualify them for many of the best financial aid programs.
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The Tax Act Helps College Savers and Disabled Children

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has made 529 plans more flexible, such that parents can access these funds for younger students and to benefit their children who are disabled.
A Better, Smarter, Safer Way to fund your child’s college education.
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